Biscotti Granola

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Now, if you ever made Biscotti you know they're very fragile and you're always left with an abundant amount of broken pieces and ends. So, we came up with Biscotti Granola, and it's Delish ! Once the granola is freshly out of the oven we crumble the bits and pieces of biscotti in our already delicious granola and it's magical ! A hint of anise is tingling your nostrils, finding biscotti pieces are like finding gold. And there you have it folks, Biscotti Granola !



▪Gluten-free Oats
▪Coconut Chips
▪Almond Slices 
▪Dried Cranberries
▪Pink Himalayan Sea salt
▪Coconut Oil 
▪Vanilla Extract 
▪Biscotti crumbles 

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