Savory Almond & Cheese Herb Granola

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Ladies & Gents Soups & Salads will never be the same ! Krac-Krumbles are a gluten-free alternative to croutons on top of soup & salads,they also add a nice texture to your sandwiches.This Almond & Cheese Herb Granola has a sophisticated flavor palette,it's a light & crunchy addictive snack that you can't stop eating by the handful.krac-Krumbles will surely impress those dinner guest as well as the kids wanting a yummy snack.The 2oz snack packs are perfect for school lunches or that 3 pm office snack attack.


▪Gluten free Oats
▪Sliced Almonds
▪Gloden Flax Seeds
▪Premium White Parmesan Chesse
▪Hungarian Paprika
▪Dry Mustard
▪Olive Oil

We have two options:
(1) Parmesan   (2) Nutritional Yeast (Vegan)

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