K.r.a.c.n.o.l.a/Super Vitality Balls

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**Vegan upon request**This is our super vitality balls,the exact ingredient list used for our best seller Super Vitality  klusters.On the go?need to pack that before or after the gym snack?**This granola is packed with loads of fiber & other super food ingredients.We handcraft in small batches to create fresh wholesome golden toasted crunchy
klusters.This is truly a Super Vitality mixture,not only superior ingredients also addictive flavor."K.r.a.c.n.o.l.a",will fuel your body and keep you full for a more productive day.
Perfect for breakfast,sprinkled on top of yogurt or fruit or as a healthy snack on it's own."One bite and you're hooked". Ingredients: gluten free oats, unsweetened coconut,organic raw virgin coconut oil, dried cranberries,organic quinoa ,organic flax seeds, organic sunflower seeds, organic chia seed, sesame seeds,pumpkin seeds,almonds, walnut,cashews,organic molasses,cinnamon,himalayan pink sea salt Please keep in mind our products are freshly made to order...usually 2/3 days turn around time.




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